Green Energy and the Garden Route

This Summit will unpack potential areas of alternative energy opportunities, which will enable an instrumental, collaborative, partnership-driven, green and cleaner environment.

Green Energy is a high priority for the Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) Council and is well reflected in the new Eden Spatial Development Framework, which was adopted & approved by the Eden DM Council on 5 December 2017.

Eden DM and its 7 Local Municipalities, are planning to share the current realities and opportunities within the Green Energy space at the Green Energy Summit on 11 and 12 April 2018.

Summit objectives


Awareness about all spheres of government

Providing an overview of the National, Provincial and Regional perspectives regarding Green Energy opportunities within the Eden District.

Public -and Private Sector Engagements

Facilitate constructive engagements between Municipalities in the Eden District and Green Energy stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement

Pursuing partnerships and fostering relations with relevant Green Energy stakeholders

Options for Incentives

Identify potential incentives and red tape reduction initiatives to be implemented by Municipalities in the Eden District.

Case Studies

Sharing local business stories and applicable local case studies within the Eden District in order to promote an enabling environment for local investments within the Green Energy space.